So, you’re considering joining the millions of others actively creating video content on the Internet. Great choice! Content creation is a great way to talk about the things you’re passionate about, and if you play your cards right, can be extremely lucrative for an individual or business.

That being said, getting started isn’t always easy, and any successful video creator needs to have a grasp on video editing. Thankfully, applications downloadable on the App Store and Google Play can help with editing video on your iPhone or Android.

To get you on your way to TikTok and YouTube stardom even sooner, we’ve identified (and used) the greatest video editing apps for you to get started with on your cell phone.

How to Edit Video Directly on Your iPhone

Knowing how to record and edit video directly on your cell phone is an important starting point. If you click on the camera icon on your iPhone, you’ll see an array of options you can choose from. To record a video on your phone, simply select “Video” and press the red circle.

Once a video is recorded (or uploaded) you can do several editing tricks from your camera roll. Select the video at hand in your camera roll, and click on “Edit” in the top right-hand corner.

After Edit is selected, you’ll be able to crop your video, add a filter, and alter the lighting, brightness, etc. 

While it’s a good starting point, if you want your editing to look more polished, you’ll need to consider downloading some apps.

How to Edit Video on TikTok

One application that has some pretty great editing features built in is the video-sharing social media platform TikTok. 

To get started, you can record a video directly on TikTok by selecting the plus sign in the bottom of the screen. 

On this page, you can select a length and video speed and then hold on the red circle button to begin recording. 

Once a video is recorded, you can select the red check in the bottom right hand corner and begin to edit in a variety of ways:

Choose a Sound:  a Sound on TikTok is a selected background noise. It can be a catchy song or audio used in another TikTok video

Speed: Consider slowing down or speeding up your video

Add Filters: Selecting the Effects, Filters, or Beauty icon will allow you to add silly effects to your video, change color schemes, or alter it in a variety of other ways.

Similar to the iPhone editing tools, tiktok is a good place to start, but if you want to take your videos to another level, you’ll need to download some additional video editing applications for your phone and/or computer.

Best Video Editing Software on Your Phone 2021

The following list is all of our favorite tools for editing high-quality video for TikTok and other social media:

1. Splice

What is Splice? 

Splice  is a free application available on iPhones and iPads. Known for being user-friendly, this easy-to-use tool allows content creators to edit film and video with ease. Some of the features included on Splice are:

Transitions: join multiple shots together

Trim: cut out unneeded portions of your video

Borders: add a nice outline around your video 

Sound Effects: add additional sounds to your video

Voiceover: Overlay vocals with your video

Background Music: time to add some catchy tunes!

How much does Splice cost?  Splice is a free application on the App Store

What are people saying about Splice?  Splice has  4.6/5  Stars on the Apple App Store. 

One positive review said, “ the app is so intuitive and so easy to use that you will feel like you are an expert of this app within just a few minutes of using it!” while a mixed review noted that, “my only issues thus far have been with editing the music.”

2. Lightroom

What is Lightroom?

While it is best known for editing photographs, Lightroom can also be used   to edit video ! Simply import your video to your phone or computer to get started. Outside of being a great tool for editing, this app is especially famous for its capabilities as a storage facility. The application is especially known for its library management feature, which stores your full-length videos as well as snippets in a fashion that makes them readily accessible as needed.

How Much Does Lightroom cost? Lightroom  is free on mobile and starts at $9.99/month on the computer.

What are people saying about Lightroom? Lightroom has been a  4.6/5  rating on review website  G2.

One review noted that it is, “the best solution for managing and editing your phone [and video] library.” 

On a   Reddit post  about using Lightroom for video, users agreed that it is great for library management, but maybe not the best place to edit video. “No one would say Lightroom is good for editing video, but… I actually think LR is useful enough for gathering videos into a collection, for then dragging into the real video editor. Especially if the videos are spread out across a long time span of folders.” 

3. Zoomerang

What is Zoomerang?

 Zoomerang   is as intuitive of a video editing platform as there is. This phone application is famous for being usable with the click of a single-button, and provides step-by-step instructions to accomplish your video editing goals. The app makes it simple to add music, backgrounds, and filters, and finished videos can be uploaded with ease to TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

How much does Zoomerang cost? Zoomerang is free to download on the App Store, with a paid subscription available for $19.99 that includes additional filters and editing capabilities. You can also make in-app purchases for certain filters and effects.

What are people saying about Zoomerang? Zoomerang has been a  4.6/5  Stars  on the Apple App Store.

One positive review on  G2  noted that, “ Zoomerang is the simplest video creator with ONE-BUTTON step by step tutorials. It will help you make your musical video the star of TikTok and Instagram.”

More negative reviews highlighted that many features they would like to use are only included in the paid version. 

4. CapCut

CapCut   (formerly known as ViaMaker) is a video editing app that is quite popular amongst TikTok content creators. This free application is designed to have all things needed for editing a TikTok video built into one place.

On the CapCut app, you can:

  • Reverse
  • Cut
  • Alter speed
  • Add beauty effects
  • Add exclusive TikTok songs as background music
  • Add stickers
  • Add visual effects

How much does Zoomerang cost? This app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

What are people saying about Zoomerang? Zoomerang has been a 4.4/5 rating on the Apple App Store

One top rating on the App Store said, “ When I first found out about it, it was really easy to use and I got the hang of it in only 2-3 days….Another thing is, you don’t have to PAY to get WONDERFUL features.”

Most reviews had similar feedback overall. 

6. Funimate

Funimate  is another Android and iPhone app for editing video. This app is most famous for it’s looping capabilities, a fun video editing style that is known to perform very well on apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. The app also has a built-in social media function, allowing you to do daily challenges in exchange for free exposure via TikTok and being recognized by fellow users of Funimate.

How much does Funimate cost? This app is free on the App Store and Google Play with a paid-version, FunimatePRO, offering pro editing tools for $2.99/week.

What are people saying about Funimate?  Funimate has been a 4.7/5 rating on the  Apple App Store

Common feedback on the app is that it is great for editing, but that many features that were formerly free are now available only in FunimatePRO

Are There Other Ways to Create Video Content?

If you want content created for your brand but don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself, you can consider outsourcing the work to professional video editors and marketers.

While it can be worthwhile to hire support for content creation, the process of hiring freelancers to create videos can be time-consuming and risky. Luckily, marketing automation software has expedited the process by using AI to match brands and consumers with vetted content marketing experts that can do the work for them. 

By simply providing a content brief for the video content you’d like designed, software will take the workload off of your shoulders and will pair you with a marketing team that will get it done. 

In Conclusion

Overall, there’s never been a better time to get into content creation than now. As the pandemic lingers on, people want high-quality content to consume. With the right video editing tools, you and your brand yield the power to create awesome, moving content for your target audience to enjoy!

To learn more about how you can use artificial intelligence to build marketing teams for you, check out BRKFST.