Meet Niko Powe, a creator from Illinois who specializes in travel, reviews and sports—quite often shooting with his entire family in tow. We sat down with Niko for a chat about how he’s grown his brand, tips he has on impressing “big” brands and how he’s now able to compete against much bigger video companies.    

How did you get into creating videos? 

I’ve been making short films since high school. I started out as the subject, but in 2007 I moved behind the camera and also learned how to edit. That’s when it really took off. I started with music but then transitioned to humor, and now I do some of everything, though most of my projects tend to be travel, reviews and humor. It took a while until I got to this level of talent.

How did you hear about brkfst? 

I saw a few people talking about brkfst on Instagram, then I saw an ad and I signed up. Since then, it’s been pretty awesome. 

Why do you use brkfst? 

Before brkfst, I was posting videos and tagging brands and trying to get their attention…along with every other videographer on social media. Brkfst levels the playing field and lets creators take it to the next level. I’m from Illinois and I’m working with international companies. 

Brands are there  right now  looking for help to real problems, and you have tremendous opportunity to find the brand that fits your style and personality. 

I see it as a huge growth opportunity for me. Once you get a great project with a well-known brand, word of mouth takes over and you’re off and running. The opportunities are there every day if you want them. 

What did you think about the brkfst platform? 

It was so easy to use. I loved it. Other sites that offered that kind of functionality just didn’t seem very reputable. The navigation, the look and feel, everything about brkfst is just so easy. 

How has brkfst worked out so far? 

It’s so easy to use. The project briefs are right there for you. If it doesn’t fit, don’t apply. If it fits, you have the creativity to be you and have fun, but you also have the structure to meet the brand’s goals. 

Everything is right there on your brkfst dashboard. You can get your Instagram feed, message clients, get the brief, see payments…it’s like a true social site for video collaboration, but also a portfolio and resume as well. It’s all right there. 

Do you have a favorite project on brkfst? 

Yeah, there have been quite a few. The  jean company, the  bidet company, With the bidet company, I was able to do really crazy, really fun stuff that freaked some people out, but it’s what the brand wanted. I enjoyed doing it and using my type of humor. It was a good match. With, my family and I were actually going on vacation right when the brief hit, so we were able to shoot the cold Midwest, and then show sunny Miami, so that was a lot of fun and it was great timing. 

What tips do you have for other creatives who are thinking about using the brkfst platform? 

I think as creators, the biggest problem is that we don’t want to create something that no one sees. You do all that work and who knows if it’ll be seen. I’ve had videos that I expected to get hundreds of thousands of views, and it wasn’t close to that. 

With brkfst, you can not only find a new revenue stream, you can let the brands amplify your work. These brands are probably more visible than any of us, so if you’ve honed your craft and ready to do the work, then there’s no reason you can’t be successful on brkfst. 

Anything else? 

Yeah, and it’s regarding the actual video work. Everyone likes to sprint nowadays, but if you’re in this video game for the long haul, here’s a tip. I like to study the brand, the brief and the product before doing any shooting. This is your chance to shine, so don’t waste your time. Dig a bit to find the story, because a great partnership with a brand or two can grow your businesses exponentially. So check in every week, apply for projects that you think fit your style and personality and then do your homework. Your talent will take care of rest. 


If you’re ready to become a creator on brkfst, sign up HERE  today.