The Challenge

Online health & beauty brand was looking to drive new market growth by incorporating unique creative elements that veered away from their traditional brand style. 


The brand leveraged brkfst to conceptualize ads and produce User-Generated Content, including unboxings, testimonials and on-screen reviews. 

The Solution

brkfst delivered a total of 358 fully-produced ads across eight campaigns, each with a unique style and interpretation of brand voice. The ads were originally launched in test campaigns, where they quickly graduated to campaigns optimized to purchase and upper funnel ATC events.

The Result

On average, brkfst drove 394% more clicks and 333% more ATCs than competing ads.  


80% of total graduated ad profit came from brkfst ads, resulting in a 3x increase in return on ad spend. Ultimately, the ads had 15% more efficient CPMs than competing ads.  


Across the eight campaigns, brkfst averaged a 4x increase in profit and 19x increase in revenue.


Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the campaign is that the top performing ads were not highly produced or overly edited. The videos with the highest engagement of the campaign were simple, short and authentic.


The brkfst methodology proves that testing volume and variety will drive performance, and is essential for growth. 


brkfst helped us get winning ads! From the various creative production methods we’ve tested, brkfst has continuously outperformed the rest. They deliver ads that have volume, variety and hook and it drives results, time and time again. – CEO

Campaign Highlights
Increase in ROAS
Return on Profit
Increase in Revenue