The Challenge

Online kids’ apparel store struggled to scale Facebook advertising efforts due to low volume content production and marketing challenges brought on by cookie-based privacy policy updates. The brand partnered with Brkfst to produce a high volume of new content to scale the account leveraging the platform’s smart proprietary technology.

The Solution

Brkfst delivered a total of 237 ads within a six week timeframe, almost doubling the volume of creative in the ad account. The ads focused on user-generated content, unboxing reviews and stop motion graphics, which were produced by 13 individual creators who each brought a diverse approach to the creative. 


Brkfst ads were then tested against the brand’s previous ads in an effort to determine scale against traditional testing methods.

The Result

Upon launching new creative, the brand saw an immediate 300% drop in CPA, with the lowest acquisition cost being 480% lower than their target CPA. On average, Brkfst generated a total 3X increase in sales for the brand between a three month period. 


Brkfst was so effective in scaling account, the brand has adopted the strategy across all paid social campaigns, dropping Facebook’s ‘best practice method’ altogether.

Campaign Highlights
Month Test
Decrease in CPA
Increase in Sales