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The BRKFST Process

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Our most skilled creators are eligible for a number of benefits, including:
Exclusive invitations to specialty projects ($500+ payouts)
Higher initial payouts for briefs
Prioritization on our biggest projects
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Frequenty asked questions

How do brkfst briefs work?

Brkfst briefs are your main source of truth for creating the videos. The best way to ensure that your videos are approved is to adhere to what is on the brief. If you are unsure of anything, make sure you ask and clarify rather than having your video disqualified.

How do I get approved as a brkfst creator?

Create a profile and upload your media assets like reels, a website, or Instagram, so brands can see your previous work. You are required to complete the Getting Started Brief before you will be approved to work with brands. Brands select creators based on their profile, timeliness and performance on past projects. .

How do I get paid?

brkfst uses Stripe, a secure payment platform to ensure your information is safe! You can access Stripe anytime from within your brkfst account. For more questions on payment processes, watch our tutorial on How to Get Paid.

How do I maximize my revenue on brkfst?

By applying to more briefs! Every brief has multiple creators working on it, so the best way to ensure that you receive the highest payout is to answer more briefs and make more videos. Also, Facebook’s optimization algorithm automatically puts more spend behind ads that are performing well for the brand. Thus, the videos that perform best have the most spend and consequently a much larger creator compensation. Finally, highly engaged creators on brkfst tend to have higher approval rates for more projects, and are eligible to be invited to the Elite Tier. 

What is the creator process?

All creators must complete the trial brief before they will be approved to work with brands. Once your trial brief is approved by brkfst, working with brands is easy!

  • Browse Look for open briefs under the Briefs tab in the platform.
  • Apply Click the blue Apply button on the brief. The brand will approve creators they believe will be a good fit for the project. 
  • Get Products (if applicable): Once approved, look for order instructions either in the brief or through the messaging platform.
  • Upload Videos: Most projects are due 1 week after receiving the product. Upload your videos to each module on the brief for the brand to approve.
  • Get Paid: You will receive your initial payment for completing the brief 48 hours after the brand approves your videos. The longer your ad runs, the more money you can make! It’s that simple. 
When do I get paid out?

The brand needs to approve your videos first, then the fixed fee is paid to your Stripe account within 48 hours of approval. The pay-per-performance payouts are distributed two weeks after an ad is launched. This gives Facebook enough time to optimize media spend for the campaign so your ad receives the attention it deserves and we can compensate accordingly. The funds will appear in your Stripe account, and from there it should take about 2 days to show up in your bank account.

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