There are two components to getting paid on brkfst. First, the fixed fee, which is paid once you submit your video to a brief and the brand approves it. You must complete and submit videos for every module in the brief, and the brand must approve them, in order to be paid the fixed fee.


The second payout component is based on a pay-per-performance model. Once the brand approves and launches your ad, you’ll be paid a percentage of the overall media spend that is attributed to your video(s). This will vary depending on the brand’s overall facebook budget and the portion of that budget that gets spent against the videos that you created.

For example:
– Brand’s Facebook budget = $500,000
– % of Brand budget spent against your ads = 5%
– % of ad spend you get = 5%
You are eligible for $1,250 ($500,000 x 5% x 5%)