What is the Getting Started Brief?

You are required to complete the Getting Started Brief before you will be approved to work with brands. In the Getting Started Brief you will get familiar with the brkfst brief format while proving your basic skills such as creating multiple aspect ratios of the same video, importing custom fonts, adding captions, adding music, and overall video sequencing and camera skills. Once you are approved on the Getting Started Brief, you will be able to apply for any standard open brief.

When is the deadline to submit my videos?

All deadlines are specified within the brief. Typically, they’re about a week after you receive your product so it is important that you plan accordingly. If you can’t make the deadline specified on the brief, do not apply.

How do brkfst briefs work?

Brkfst briefs are your main source of truth for creating the videos. The best way to ensure that your videos are approved is to adhere to what is on the brief. If you are unsure of anything, make sure you ask and clarify rather than having your video disqualified.

What are briefs and how do they work?

Briefs are how you’ll work with clients and make money. A brief is a project outline submitted by the brand, and typically contains information like brand voice, brand statement, compensation, specs, expectations and descriptions of each module for the creative asset. Under “open briefs” in your brkfst account, you’ll see all the briefs submitted recently by brands. Be sure to read these briefs carefully before you apply to make sure it’s clear exactly what the client is looking for and that you have the skills and equipment to execute it. If you do, then all you need to do is apply. Check out our tutorial on How to Apply to a Brief.

How do I submit a video to a brief?

Once you’ve completed the videos for each module of a brief, hit “submit” under the brief and upload your videos. It will ask you to pull assets from your Library, or you can upload directly into the brief. Once you’ve uploaded the videos from your collection, you can choose which one should go under Module 1, Module 2, and so on. You’ll need to upload assets for each module, so if you only want to upload a single module, just add blank videos for the rest. For more information, check out our tutorial video on How to Apply to a Brief.

What happens when I submit my videos?

Once videos are submitted, the brands will need to approve the videos. Depending on the budget and strategy of the brand, this timeline can vary. As soon as the videos are approved, you’ll receive a fixed fee payout within 48 hours. If the brand launches your ad, you’ll receive percentage of the media spend.

How do I upload a revised submission?

You aren’t able to revise a video that has already been submitted. However, you can upload a new set of videos to a brief. Simply add “version 2.0 [or v2.0, v3.0]” to the name of the videos, and resubmit.