How much do I get paid?

There are two components to getting paid on brkfst. First, the fixed fee, which is paid once you submit your video to a brief and the brand approves it. You must complete and submit videos for every module in the brief, and the brand must approve them, in order to be paid the fixed fee.


The second payout component is based on a pay-per-performance model. Once the brand approves and launches your ad, you’ll be paid a percentage of the overall media spend that is attributed to your video(s). This will vary depending on the brand’s overall facebook budget and the portion of that budget that gets spent against the videos that you created.

For example:
– Brand’s Facebook budget = $500,000
– % of Brand budget spent against your ads = 5%
– % of ad spend you get = 5%
You are eligible for $1,250 ($500,000 x 5% x 5%)

How do I maximize my revenue on brkfst?

By applying to more briefs! Every brief has multiple creators working on it, so the best way to ensure that you receive the highest payout is to answer more briefs and make more videos. Also, Facebook’s optimization algorithm automatically puts more spend behind ads that are performing well for the brand. Thus, the videos that perform best have the most spend and consequently a much larger creator compensation. Finally, highly engaged creators on brkfst tend to have higher approval rates for more projects, and are eligible to be invited to the Elite Tier. 

When do I get paid out?

The brand needs to approve your videos first, then the fixed fee is paid to your Stripe account within 48 hours of approval. The pay-per-performance payouts are distributed two weeks after an ad is launched. This gives Facebook enough time to optimize media spend for the campaign so your ad receives the attention it deserves and we can compensate accordingly. The funds will appear in your Stripe account, and from there it should take about 2 days to show up in your bank account.

Why is there a percentage-of-spend payment model on brkfst?

Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery based on performance. So, if certain ads are driving more revenue or engagement for a brand, Facebook will show that ad more often and automatically put more spend behind it. By using this pay-per-performance model, we ensure that creators of the ads that are performing the best (i.e. spending the most) are also compensated the most. This incentivizes creators to make top performing videos and incentivizes brands to increase the budget for ads driving more revenue, thereby increasing the revenue for creators. Win-Win.