7 Content Marketing Tips: How to Come Up With Content Ideas in 2021

So, you’re interested in taking the leap into content marketing. Great choice! As a result of the pandemic and lockdowns over the past year, content is in higher demand than ever before. Last year alone, Netflix spent close to 17 billion on new content, and streaming services aren’t the only ones cranking out content.

Social media and search engine usage has heightened substantially as a result of the pandemic, and more individuals and brands are jumping on the content marketing train than ever before.

That being said, starting to make content is quite a learning process, not to mention time and investment. If your brand hasn’t created content for Youtube, a blog, or social media platforms before, you’ll need to know where to find inspiration to come up with creative ideas.

Luckily, by applying the approaches identified below, you’ll be an expert content marketer in no-time, and can start producing quality content frequently!

Best Video Editing Software 2021: How to Edit Video on Your Phone

So, you’re considering joining the millions of others actively creating video content on the Internet. Great choice! Content creation is a great way to talk about the things you’re passionate about, and if you play your cards right, can be extremely lucrative for an individual or business.

That being said, getting started isn’t always easy, and any successful video creator needs to have a grasp on video editing. Thankfully, applications downloadable on the App Store and Google Play can help with editing video on your iPhone or Android.

To get you on your way to TikTok and YouTube stardom even sooner, we’ve identified (and used) the greatest video editing apps for you to get started with on your cell phone.

Top-5-Content-Marketing-Mistakes on Facebook and How to Fix Them

If you’re marketing on Facebook, congratulations, you are in a select group of every single marketer in the entire world. 

Sarcasm aside, all marketers know that Facebook marketing is a “must-have” communication tool for brands to succeed, but here’s where it gets interesting: only 42% of marketers feel that their Facebook marketing is successful.1 

To put this shocking statistic into context, Facebook’s worldwide advertising revenue is projected to be $94.6 billion dollars 2,  and almost have of those dollars are, according to marketers, unsuccessful. Uh oh.

There is money being left on the table. So much money. Piles and piles of money. (Most of which helped fund Facebook HQ’s rooftop park.)

So how does a brand maximize the value of Facebook marketing to please the marketer, the salesperson, the consumer, and the investors?  How do you not only reach your audience, but engage them and persuade them to act again and again? And how do you stay relevant on Facebook while consistently telling your brand’s story, especially when the pressure to publish grows greater every day?

This article can help unearth these answers to find your brand’s “happy place” on Facebook: where sales output is directly tied to marketing input. But instead of presenting a boring list of “to-do’s,” we want to offer into a more compelling read: a list of “to-don’ts.”

Let’s learn from others’ mistakes to create your very own, very well-oiled Facebook marketing machine.