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Brkfst helps brands create authentic content tailored to audience and platform. Receive hundreds of UGC video ads from over 5,000 content creators within 3 weeks.

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Kezia Douglas
"The UGC videos and lifestyle imagery from Brkfst captured genuine, authentic moments that add credibility to our product pages and creates a sense of community around our brand. These visuals generate a noticeable improvement on the appearance and display of our PDPs."
Ryan Maloney, SVP of Marketing, Hard Rock Digital
“Creating engaging content is a challenge for any outlet, and even more so for those operating within highly regulated industries like sports betting and online gaming. This collaboration has been a great success because brkfst understands our unique brand needs, focuses on top trends, and provides compliant UGC that drives performance and scale.”
Chelsea Grayson, CEO, Spark Networks
"Their unique approach to performance-focused UGC marketing allowed us to identify and target the most relevant audience for our app, leading to a significant increase in user acquisition and engagement. Thanks to's partnership, we have been able to optimize our campaigns and stay within our budget while maximizing our return on investment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to achieve similar success."
Ron Y, CEO,
"From the various creative production methods we’ve tested, brkfst has continuously outperformed the rest."
Content Creators
Pieces of content produced
Brand partners
Without Brkfst With Brkfst
Spend Amount $100,000 $100,000
Amount of Videos 5 videos 100 videos
ROAS 3x 4x
Revenue $300,000 $400,000

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Difficulty creating content that is authentic to platform as well as pivoting based on new promotions
brkfst was able to launch HelloFresh across multiple channels simultaneously and create a wide variety of concepts. Testing and scaling the creatives allowed Hello Fresh to apply learnings faster to their brand as a whole.
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