As Advertising Moved to Video, Christina Moved With It

What do you do when your city doesn’t have the workload to support your profession? Find out how Christina Kennon pivoted to video in this Creator Spotlight, and how she never stops looking for that next big job.

How did you get into creating videos?

I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Advertising Photography, then I moved to Kansas City. I quickly found out that there wasn’t a huge market for photography there, so I switched to video. That’s where the industry was going anyway. Adobe software is so streamlined that I picked everything up really quick—about 6 months—and I started to get jobs almost immediately thanks to my network. 


Do you have a particular niche or interest(s)?

I started with product- and food-based video work, then moved to event-based work for brands such as Big 12 and Philips 66. But now it’s morphed into almost solely social media content creation for brands. 


What did you think about the brkfst platform?

So far, my two biggest jobs were both very smooth and it’s been great. The communication, the usability, …it’s all very clean and smooth. The process is easy. 

It’s just so easy to use. Other job boards have these 20-minutes sign-ups that make you create an entire profile, but brkfst makes it so easy, from the signup to project communication. 


Do you have any favorite brkfst projects?

My videos were pretty cool to do and was probably the first big job I did on the brkfst platform. 


Why do you use brkfst?

As a creator, I want to cast a wide net. I want multiple income streams and multiple chances for success, and brkfst provides that.


What tips do you have for other creatives who are thinking about using the brkfst platform?

There’s no reason  not  to try brkfst. If creating content is what you want to do, then brkfst is a no-brainer. 

If you’re ready to become a creator on brkfst,  sign up  HERE  today.  

As Advertising Moved to Video, Christina Moved With It