Brkfst cut previous CPA target by 50%
  • 80% Decrease in CPC

  • 50% Decrease in CPA

  • 105% Increase in ROAS

  • The challenge

    EyeJust, a premium blue light blocking screen protector and glasses brand, was having trouble getting authentic, genuine content that would scale for their products. Being in a saturated market they could not find the right content to shine through the vast amount of competitors in the space. Wanted to scale content with a viable ROAS/CPA target.

    The Solution

    Determine new audiences through creative focusing on Volume, Variety and Authenticity. Brkfst delivered hundreds of ads within a four week timeframe, produced by 14 individual creators. The ads were user-generated content leveraging three unique angles to maximize insights of the new product’s market traction. Understand which viewpoint would work best with the audience and learn what is the highest value point that resides best with new purchasers.

    The Result

    Brkfst volume and creative beat out every campaign they had ever run. Not only did we beat the CPA goal by more than 50% we reached the highest ROAS they’d ever had. This drove conversions to a brand new product that needed no promotion due to the amount of organic traffic being driven from our creative. Brkfst ads work!