G-Star RAW

Creating UGC content based on trends
  • 48%

    drop in CPMs compared to other channels

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    ads created

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  • The challenge

    G-Star RAW, a fashion brand that specializes in denim clothing, was looking to launch their brand on TikTok. The brand is well-positioned to appeal to this younger TikTok demographic, launching on TikTok was still a challenge. The platform has its own unique culture and trends, which require a different approach than more traditional marketing channels. Additionally, there is a lot of competition for attention on the platform, which can make it difficult for brands to stand out.

    The Solution

    G-Star RAW collaborated with BRKFST to develop a TikTok marketing campaign that focused on creating authentic content based on popular trends and working with multiple creators. By leveraging the creativity of creators, the campaign was able to showcase G-Star RAW’s unique style and quality in a way that resonated with younger audiences. The content was designed to be both engaging and authentic, which helped to increase brand awareness and establish a stronger presence on the platform. This approach was successful in allowing G-Star RAW to reach a wider audience and overcome the challenge of creating effective content on the platform.

    The Result

    Overall, the results of the collaboration demonstrate that TikTok can be a highly effective platform for brands that are looking to reach a younger demographic and create engaging and authentic content. By working with a partner like BRKFST and leveraging the creativity of popular creators, brands can overcome the challenges of launching on TikTok and establish a stronger presence on the platform. The success of G-Star RAW’s campaign suggests that TikTok is a valuable channel for brands that want to stay ahead of the curve and connect with Gen Z consumers.