Boosting Conversions with UGC Content
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    static ads

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    video ads

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    of creators

  • The challenge

    Kraft Heinz was seeking to enrich its product description pages with engaging lifestyle videos and imagery. The aim was to effectively showcase their products and connect with a wider audience.

    The Solution

    Brkfst collaborated closely to create static ads and videos, involving a network of talented creators. The focus was on highlighting Kraft Heinz’s products, with particular emphasis on Jello Premade, Capri Sun, and Lunchables. This collaborative effort allowed Kraft Heinz to enrich their product description pages with captivating visual content that resonates effectively with a broader audience.

    The UGC videos and lifestyle imagery from Brkfst captured genuine, authentic moments that add credibility to our product pages and creates a sense of community around our brand. These visuals generate a noticeable improvement on the appearance and display of our PDPs.

    The Result

    We successfully provided Kraft Heinz with lifestyle imagery for their product description pages and other marketing channels that had previously lacked user-generated content. The incorporation of creator content on landing pages led to a notable increase in conversion rates and established a stronger connection with their audience. This approach aligns with our successful track record of providing comprehensive content creation and management solutions, ensuring our clients achieve their goals efficiently and with impressive results.