Michaels Art & Crafts

How brkfst.io helped launch a new product line for enterprise Arts & Crafts store.
  • 79%

    Decrease in CPC

  • 36%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 125%

    Increase in ROAS

  • The challenge

    Michaels, the popular arts & craft brand, was sourcing niche content that required specific craft skills to produce. Brkfst.io was hired to create fresh content for a new product line with the end goal of matching performance of the main campaign.

    The Solution

    Brkfst.io delivered a total of 112 ads within a four-week timeframe, produced by 14 individual creators. The ads were user-generated content leveraging three unique angles to maximize insights of the new product’s market traction.

    The Result

    Brkfst.io creative reached conversion goals with 125% higher ROAS, 36% lower CPA, and 79% lower CPC on Meta. A total of 10 ads were determined to be top performers and migrated to the brand’s main campaign. After the shift, the ads drove an additional 23% increase in ROAS.