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All creators must complete the trial brief before they will be approved to work with brands. Once your trial brief is approved by brkfst, working with brands is easy!

  • Browse
    Look for open briefs under the Briefs tab in the platform.
  • Apply
    Click the blue Apply button on the brief. The brand will approve creators they believe will be a good fit for the project.
  • Get Products
    (if applicable): Once approved, look for order instructions either in the brief or through the messaging platform.
  • Upload Videos:
    Most projects are due 1 week after receiving the product. Upload your videos to each module on the brief for the brand to approve.
  • Get Paid:
    You will receive your initial payment for completing the brief 48 hours after the brand approves your videosThe longer your ad runs, the more money you can make! It’s that simple.

Being a part of the Elite Tier gains you premium access to new briefs, guaranteed work, special rates and spotlights on the blog. This tier is invite only, our team determines eligibility through historical performance on the platform. This includes rounds of revisions due to errors, approval rate, timeliness, communication and ad performance. Elite Tier briefs are specified in the title on the platform and have a higher base payout. Elite Tier briefs have limited slots and are always staffed before the regular briefs. Elite Tier creators can apply to any brief on the platform.

Setting up a profile on brkfst is simple. Visit app.brkfst.io and follow the prompts to create a new profile. You will be required to complete the Getting Started Brief before you are approved to work with brands.

Create a profile and upload your media assets like reels, a website, or Instagram, so brands can see your previous work. You are required to complete the Getting Started Brief before you will be approved to work with brands. Brands select creators based on their profile, timeliness and performance on past projects.

View our creator leaderboard to see real-time ad spend % payouts.

brkfst uses Stripe, a secure payment platform to ensure your information is safe! You can access Stripe anytime from within your brkfst account. For more questions on payment processes, watch our tutorial onHow to Get Paid.

There are two components to getting paid on brkfst. First, the fixed fee, which is paid once you submit your video to a brief and the brand approves it. You must complete and submit videos for every module in the brief, and the brand must approve them, in order to be paid the fixed fee.


The second payout component is based on a pay-per-performance model. Once the brand approves and launches your ad, you’ll be paid a percentage of the overall media spend that is attributed to your video(s). This will vary depending on the brand’s overall facebook budget and the portion of that budget that gets spent against the videos that you created.

For example:
– Brand’s Facebook budget = $500,000
– % of Brand budget spent against your ads = 5%
– % of ad spend you get = 5%
You are eligible for $1,250 ($500,000 x 5% x 5%)

By applying to more briefs! Every brief has multiple creators working on it, so the best way to ensure that you receive the highest payout is to answer more briefs and make more videos. Also,Facebook’s optimization algorithm automatically puts more spend behind ads that are performing well for the brand. Thus, the videos that perform best have the most spend and consequently a much larger creator compensation. Finally, highly engaged creators on brkfst tend to have higher approval rates for more projects, and are eligible to be invited to the Elite Tier.

The brand needs to approve your videos first, then the fixed fee is paid to your Stripe account within 48 hours of approval. The pay-per-performance payouts are distributed two weeks after an ad is launched. This gives Facebook enough time to optimize media spend for the campaign so your ad receives the attention it deserves and we can compensate accordingly.The funds will appear in your Stripe account, and from there it should take about 2 days to show up in your bank account.

Facebook’s algorithm optimizes ad delivery based on performance. So, if certain ads are driving more revenue or engagement for a brand, Facebook will show that ad more often and automatically put more spend behind it. By using this pay-per-performance model, we ensure that creators of the ads that are performing the best (i.e. spending the most) are also compensated the most. This incentivizes creators to make top performing videos and incentivizes brands to increase the budget for ads driving more revenue, thereby increasing the revenue for creators. Win-Win.

You are required to complete the Getting Started Brief before you will be approved to work with brands. In the Getting Started Brief you will get familiar with the brkfst brief format while proving your basic skills such as creating multiple aspect ratios of the same video, importing custom fonts, adding captions, adding music, and overall video sequencing and camera skills. Once you are approved on the Getting Started Brief, you will be able to apply for any standard open brief.

We understand that as small business owners, things get in the way. In special cases like this, please notify us right away so that we can plan accordingly and initiate a return of the client’s product.

All deadlines are specified within the brief. Typically, they’re about a week after you receive your product so it is important that you plan accordingly. If you can’t make the deadline specified on the brief, do not apply.

Brkfst briefs are your main source of truth for creating the videos. The best way to ensure that your videos are approved is to adhere to what is on the brief. If you are unsure of anything, make sure you ask and clarify rather than having your video disqualified.

Briefs are how you’ll work with clients and make money. A brief is a project outline submitted by the brand, and typically contains information like brand voice, brand statement, compensation, specs, expectations and descriptions of each module for the creative asset. Under “open briefs” in your brkfst account, you’ll see all the briefs submitted recently by brands. Be sure to read these briefs carefully before you apply to make sure it’s clear exactly what the client is looking for and that you have the skills and equipment to execute it. If you do, then all you need to do is apply. Check out our tutorial onHow to Apply to a Brief.

Once you’ve completed the videos for each module of a brief, hit “submit” under the brief and upload your videos. It will ask you to pull assets from your Library, or you can upload directly into the brief. Once you’ve uploaded the videos from your collection, you can choose which one should go under Module 1, Module 2, and so on. You’ll need to upload assets for each module, so if you only want to upload a single module, just add blank videos for the rest. For more information, check out our tutorial video onHow to Apply to a Brief.

Once videos are submitted, the brands will need to approve the videos. Depending on the budget and strategy of the brand, this timeline can vary. As soon as the videos are approved, you’ll receive a fixed fee payout within 48 hours. If the brand launches your ad, you’ll receive percentage of the media spend.

You aren’t able to revise a video that has already been submitted. However, you can upload a new set of videos to a brief. Simply add “version 2.0 [or v2.0, v3.0]” to the name of the videos, and resubmit.

You will receive an email notification once ads are launched at the discretion of the client. Reach out to support@brkfst.io for information and updates on the launch of your ads.

  • BRKFST will only accept the following aspect ratios:
    • 1:1
    • 2:3
    • 4:5
    • 9:16
    • 16:9 (starting in September 2024)
  • Ad platforms your creative may be launched on requires a tight 1% tolerance on ad placements
    • If you file is not accepted, please make sure the dimensions are within the 1% tolerance
  • The general recommendation is that your 9:16 videos are 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high, your 1:1 videos are 1080 pixels wide and high, and your 4:5 videos are 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels high

– Brkfst utilizes video encoding information to determine aspect ratio compatibility
– A common video codec HEVC (H.265) is not widely supported by browsers
– Using the same MP4 container, re-encoding the video to an AVC (H.264) will allow Brkfst and most browsers to play and validate your video
– If you are on a PC: Download VLC for free. Here is a video showing the steps to update the code
– If you are on a Mac these instructions

– Brkfst does not support the following characters: <:”/\|? – Ensure that the file name does not contain those characters

– Brkfst supported file types: mov, mp4, gif
– Ensure not only the file extension is correct but the content is valid

– File names within the selected collection must be unique
– Ensure that the file name does not match that of any file in the selected collection

– The video you submitted exceeds the maximum duration the brand has specified for all modules
– Ensure that the video duration is under the specified maximum or contact the account manager for further clarification

– The video you submitted is under the minimum duration the brand has specified for all modules
– Ensure that the video duration is under the specified maximum or contact the account manager for further clarification

– You cannot submit the same file to another module in a submission. Ensure that the file you used is unique across all the modules

– Ad platforms that your creative may be launched on require that your video width and height be a minimum of 120 pixels

– Ad platforms that your creative may be launched on require that your video duration not exceed 14460 seconds
– Ensure that your video’s duration does not exceed 14460 seconds

– Ad platforms that your creative may be launched on require that your file size not exceed 4.00 Gigabytes
– Ensure that your file’s size does not exceed 4.00 Gigabytes

– Brkfst supports videos or animated gifs
– Gifs that contain only 1 frame are not supported

  • If a brief requires two or more modules then you have to upload a video to both. If you are trying to upload just for one module then upload a blank short video for the other modules as a placeholder.
  • Ensure the Specs of your video are correct
    • 1080:1920 [9:16] pixels aspect ratio & 1080:1080 [1:1] pixels aspect ratio
    • ** These are the pixel tolerance for 9:16 & 1:1 (anything outside of the tolerance will not upload to the platform, please double-check this when submitting)
    • Saved as .MP4 & .GIF (For the gif modules)
    • Maximum file size of 4GB
    • Make sure the video length is under the specification listed in the brief
    • Unsupported character in file name < > ? ( )

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If you have any other questions, or need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@brkfst.io.