If Corporate Recruiting Isn’t Your Passion, Find Your Passion

In this Creator Spotlight, David Wigfield explains how he escaped the corporate world to chase his dream in Arkansas—when he had no knowledge of video, no clients and no leads. He talks about how brkfst has helped amplify his brand and how opportunity is the secret to success.

How did you get into creating videos?

I actually had a corporate recruiting gig for a Fortune 500 company. Not the most glamorous life—full of phone calls and emails—and not surprisingly, it wasn’t the creative outlet I needed to keep me excited.

One day after work, I stopped by Best Buy, bought a camera, took it home, and started watching YouTube. I knew that video was where the Internet was headed, but I also knew it was difficult to learn, so I put in serious timeduring nights and weekends to learn as much as could, as fast as I could.

When did your passion turn into your main profession?

I loved shooting immediately, so I started shooting for friends and businesses around town…really anyone who needed help. I had a friend who had an “in” at a local distillery that was opening up in town, and I volunteered to shoot a video for them for free to see how it went. That video was a cocktail-making video, where one of their bartenders made a cocktail out of one of their products.

The distillery really liked it, and that video turned into more videos, and the next thing you know, they turned into my first paying client, and we made a video for every cocktail on their menu. I found that my true passion was shooting products, and through word of mouth and me posting more passion-projects online, my schedule started getting busy and I was able to make that passion my full-time job.

How did you hear about brkfst?

I saw an ad on Instagram about matching creatives with brands, and that’s exactly what I wanted to be doing…shooting ads and commercials for well-known brands and products. So I went to the site and saw national brands that needed help. I thought it was the perfect match for what I wanted to do. Worst case, it would be a fun opportunity and a chance to help build my business.

How has brkfst worked out so far?

As a creative, your #1 asset is opportunity. And brkfst truly is the perfect opportunity for both creatives and brands. I’m based in Arkansas, so I can’t visit New York or California and cold-call all these famous brands. Brkfst levels the playing field and presents immediate opportunities for creatives to work with clients they’ve never worked with before, who are proactively looking for help.

Talk about the brkfst platform from a usability standpoint.

Brkfst is so much more user-friendly than any other platform I’ve used like it. Some other similar sites  are honestly a bit “sketchy,” but brkfst is a very professional platform that is an awesome way for creatives and brands to be matched together. Everything you need is right there on one page: submissions, library, earnings, creative briefs…it’s very straightforward to find a job and navigate.

Do you have a favorite project on brkfst?

Perfume.com was a fun one. I picked a great-looking product, they sent it to me and I created a video over the weekend with it as the hero. It was a really simple process. Brkfst is an all-in-one platform. I got the brief on brkfst, communicated with the client through brkfst, and even uploaded the video on brkfst. It’s really a genius platform and very simple. No Hightail, Dropbox or Google Drive needed.

If you didn’t have brkfst, how would you be seeking new projects?

A lot of free videos. I would be finding products around the house that I enjoy, shooting video of them, and posting them wherever I could post them…asking those brands if they needed help. It wouldn’t be easy, that’s for sure.

What tips do you have for other creatives who are thinking about using the brkfst platform?

The opportunity is right there for you to make great videos that meet the goals of well-known brands. If you can do that, then the sky’s the limit on this platform. These brands are ready for you to help them, and you can find what matches your style and personality. Plus, these brands often have massive followings and customers. It’s like free marketing for you…plus you’re getting paid to create fun videos.

If you’re ready to become a creator on brkfst, sign up  HERE  today.

If Corporate Recruiting Isn’t Your Passion, Find Your Passion