Leveraging User-Generated Content to Stay “On Trend”

In today's fast-paced digital world, staying relevant means keeping an eye on the latest social media trends. However, trends become irrelevant as quickly as they gain popularity, making it challenging to keep pace. That's where leveraging user-generated content (UGC) creators comes into play.

Collaborating with UGC creators allows brands to authentically engage with their audiences while leveraging the widespread appeal and virality of social media trends. By strategically engaging the right content creators for the right trends, brands become active participants in cultural conversations. This strategy can drive brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.

10 trends brksft.io currently uses to create authentic content that actually performs:

1. Get Ready With Me:

Whether it's a casual day out, a special occasion, or a themed event, GRWM videos typically showcase the entire beauty and grooming routine, from skincare and makeup application to outfit selection and final touches.

#grwm 168.4B views on TikTok

2. My Roman Empire:

A trend originated when an individual asked their male partners how frequently they pondered the Roman Empire, with the majority responding 'quite frequently.' This trend has now transformed into a catchphrase where people explain an experience or event that they think about constantly. 

#romanempire 3.2B views on TikTok

3. Girl Math:

A playful take on how women perceive math, often in the context of money. This TikTok trend redefines poor money skills with an ironic tone. It's the new way to rationalize unnecessary purchases, mostly called out by women on social media. 

#girlmath 2.2B  views on TikTok

4. 2024 Ins and Outs:

A text-style video where people share what they’re bringing into 2024 and what they’re leaving behind in 2023. Some of the INs for 2024 include health practices like setting early bedtimes, doing exercise, and hydrating constantly, while practices such as impulsive shopping and excessive use of social media or screen time are common habits to leave in 2023.

#insandouts2024 53.5M Views on TikTok

5. Day In The Life:

A vlog-style video where creators showcase their daily routines and activities, often incorporating their go-to products or services. It offers viewers insights into the creator's daily routines allowing them to connect and create community.

#dayinthelife 21.3B Views on TikTok, 1.5M posts on Instagram

6. Things I'm addicted to:

A sound-based trend where people share what they are addicted to, including products, food, makeup, etc. This is the perfect place for content creators to share their favorite products of the moment and things they are obsessed with. 

#thingsimaddictedto 122K videos on TikTok

Video credit: Refy Beauty  via TikTok


A trend where people share their getting-ready routines without speaking, only using  ASMR sounds from the products they are using. ASMR aims to induce this pleasurable tingling sensation for viewers. Common triggers include soft-spoken or whispered voices, gentle tapping, scratching, and other subtle, repetitive sounds. 

#asmrgrwm 372.9M views on TikTok

8. Silent reviews:

A trend where content creators review products solely through facial expressions — no talking included.  Hand gestures and other non-verbal cues are also used to show through exaggerated movements their feelings about different products. 

#silentreviews 140.3M Views on TikTok

Video credit: SKIMS via TikTok

9. “We are [blank]...of course:”

A trend where characteristics of a specific group of people are described ironically and with humor. Ie: “We work in retail, of course we…” or “We live in NYC, of course we…”

#ofcoursetrend 18.3K posts on TikTok

10. Beige flags:

Creators share their own or their partners' "'weird'" habits that aren't deal-breakers but aren't exactly positives either. This trend began as a way to poke fun at others, but has evolved to allow brands to humorously critique themselves.

#beigeflag 1.4B views on TikTok

Video credit: Lifestride via TikTok

Social media moves at warp speed, and today's consumers crave realness. That's where strategic trend participation and UGC creators come in. By participating in relevant trends with creators who understand the target audience, brands can build genuine connections. This strategic approach doesn't just boost awareness and loyalty; it positions brands as a cultural force. To truly leverage the power of trends and creator partnerships, platforms like brkfst.io are invaluable. They enable brands to produce trending content at scale and collaborate with creators aligned to their brand values, ensuring a strong, authentic presence in the digital landscape.