TikTok Ads: The Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Advertising on TikTok: Pros & Cons

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms globally and a top favorite amongst Gen-Z. With the right TikTok advertising strategy, your brand has serious potential to build brand awareness, discover new audiences and close more conversions. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Broad targeting: TikTok’s algorithm will put your brand name in front of a wide and diverse range of consumers. Good advertising will garner conversions and increase brand awareness with previously unknown customer types.
  • Discover new market heights: As your brand reaches new audiences, proper tracking will allow you to find trends in the data that can reveal new audience types worth targeting and creating unique content for. These audiences can be leveraged in cross-channel attribution strategies. 

The Hard Stuff:

  • High demand for fresh content: With an incessant need for new content for users to consume, TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes ad campaigns (and content creators) that produce content at scale. You have to be willing to create a wide range of advertisements for TikTok to maximize your results and provide telling data. 
  • Performance tracking capabilities: The current backend of TikTok might be underreporting the overall performance of your campaign. To combat this, TikTok has recently released a cookie-based pixel and an upgraded attribution window.

Tips to Run a Successful Campaign

Here are the best tips for running a TikTok paid strategy:

1 – Create A High Volume of Great Content

The key to any successful advertising campaign is to regularly craft high-quality content that your team is proud of and will resonate with your target audience(s). To keep the algorithm happy, you should launch new assets every 3 – 4 days. With Brkfst, our algorithm will find expert creators to make content for you, completely taking the burdensome and costly need for constant production of TikTok content off your plate. Better yet, those assets are launched and managed to optimize each campaign and hit target KPIs. To truly scale, your brand will need to get outside of its comfort zone and consider new audiences, fresh content and a unique paid media approach.

2 – Accurately Measure Attribution from TikTok

Even if your TikTok advertisements are leading to conversions, if the data isn’t reporting, you may question if TikTok is truly a worthwhile expenditure for the company. You might want to consider third-party tools that can track the performance of ad campaigns and measure incrementality of the channel. Brkfst will provide an in-depth analysis of the incrementality of the platform, using a cross-channel formula without the need for expensive and time consuming lift studies.

3 – Utilize In-Platform Features

Relatively speaking, TikTok is still a young social media platform. The content creation behemoth is constantly updating the platform to offer new technology that creators and brands alike can utilize when crafting and promoting content. Brkfst has priority access to betas, alphas and product releases for brands that want to get ahead of the curve. The platform has released a multitude of different features to maximize profitability. These features should be leveraged with strategic application to various factions of the funnel to drive growth. 

Furthermore, properly testing assets is a critical component to finding success on TikTok. The data you collect from your TikTok marketing should allow you to make educated decisions about what resonates (and doesn’t!) with your target audience. The TikTok platform offers resources for making both minor and major tweaks to existing content to assess how it impacts viewership, reach, and conversions. 

With strategic processes and a team of expert content creators, your TikTok advertising campaign can boost your bottom line by expanding your reach and converting with new audiences. With the proper data collection tactics, your team will find scale that can be applied to any omnichannel attribution strategy.   

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TikTok Ads: The Pros, Cons, and Best Practices